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collective hallucinations, ȯ

    ϴ, Ŵ ׻ 縦 Ȯϵ ã ´٣̴ ̳ ȸȭ , ž ȯ , ȯ ž ȮŲ٣ --D.H. Rawcliffe

ȯ Ͻ Ǵ ȯ̴. ȯ ¿, Ư ¿ ߻Ѵ. Ϸ Բ, ü Ҹ ð ¦ʰ ٶ󺸸  鿡Դ 긮ų, ȭ̳ ȭ ̰ų, Ǵ ӿ ư ̰ų Ѵ.

"" ȯ Ҵٰ , ̰ ׵ ԰ 븦 ħ ־ ̴. , ó ̾ 뵵, ð 帣 ̾߱ϴ ߿ Ѱ ̾߱ . ڿ ݵ ߴ žӽ ߴٰ Ѵ. ǽ پ ƹ͵ ߴ Ϻδ Ҵٰ ռ ϴ 䳻 Ѵ. ׸ ġ ڱⰡ ϰ ; Ͼ ó Ͼ ȴ. (Rawcliffe, 114).

, ȯ ΰ ̶ ϴ ƴϴ. 1897, ĸ 丮 ÿ ߴٰ ϰ ִ. Ӹ ƴ϶, ׸ ƴ 丮簡 Ư ٸ 鼭 Ȱ ִ Ȯϰ ߴ. ׷ ᱹ, "ļ ذ ῡ ȴ ǸǾ."(Parish, 311; cited in Rawcliffe, 115).


õ ׸ : miracles and pareidolia.

б ڷ

Nickell, Joe. Looking For A Miracle: Weeping Icons, Relics, Stigmata, Visions and Healing Cures (Prometheus Books: Buffalo, N.Y., 1993).

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Slade, Peter D. , Richard P. Bentall. Sensory Deception: A Scientific Analysis of Hallucination (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1988).

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