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cryptozoology, Ȯε,

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Ȯ , ̳ ȭ, Ǵ ̾߱, ֹ, Ž谡, Ȥ , Ȳ ſ ϰ ִ. Ȯ ڴ κ, 캸 ʰ 縦 Ϸ ҺѴ. , ׵ ںٴ ʴɷ ϴ. , 縦 ؼ Ȯεcryptozoology  ޺ ڻ翡 ϸ, Ȯ Ϸ ʿϴٰ  Ѵ.

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Heuvelmans, Bernard, Dr., On the Track of Unknown Animals, 3rd ed. (London: Kegan Paul International Limited, 1955).

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