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Robert Todd Carroll

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cryptomnesia ẹ

ẹ(cryptomnesia)̶, ״ ϸ, ̴. ܾ,  ̶ ϱ ؼ ̴ܾ.

ָ (past life regressions) κ ẹ£ ȭ ȭ(, confabulations) κ̴. Ͼ Ÿ̿, Ϸ ũֿ Ҵٴ ̵ (Bridey Murphy) ָ , ȹ Ⱑ ƴ϶, κ ׳ ڽ , ̹ ؾ ȴ ̴.

ﷻ̷, Ʋ ظ ǥ  ΰ, ẹ̶ 𸣴. ϸ, "He's So Fine" Ƿ ǥؼ ڽ "My Sweet Lord" ʾ . ̷, "The Frost King" , ŸƮ ĵ "The Frost Fairies" Ƿ ǥ ʾ ̴. λ , ̵ ǰ , ӿ ǽĵǾ ʾ ̴.

б ڷ

Baker, Robert A. Hidden Memories : Voices and Visions from Within (Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1996).

Schick, Jr., Theodore and Lewis Vaughn, How to Think About Weird Things  2nd ed. (Mountain View, California: Mayfield Publishing Company, 1998),

"Voices from Beyond: The Age-Old Mystery of Channeling," by Ted Shultz in The Fringes of Reason, ed. Ted Schultz (New York: Harmony Books, 1989).

Copyright 1998
Robert Todd Carroll

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