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Becoming a Critical ThinkerBecoming a Critical Thinker
A Guide for the New Millennium
by Robert Todd Carroll
ISBN 0 - 536 - 60060 - 0

I recommend ordering from the publisher. The book should ship immediately from Pearson Custom Publishing.
You can order it from but it may take 4 weeks or longer.

Becoming a Critical Thinker is the text I use for my critical thinking course.
The following is a list of the chapters: [click on highlighted chapter titles to see an excerpt from the chapter]

1. Critical Thinking
2. Language and Critical Thinking
3. Sources
4. Identifying Arguments
5. Evaluating Arguments
6. Evaluating Extended Arguments
7. Sampling
8. Analogical and Causal Reasoning
9. Science and Pseudoscience
Answers to Selected Exercises
Further Reading

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