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extraordinary human function (EHF), ɷ

ɷ̶, ͳ , Ǵ () ü ڸ д ̴. ɴ ͸ оٴ ʱ ִ. ̿ ڸ д , ߱ ɷ ϰ а ߱ ī ֿ 1970 Ĺݿ ߴ. ڵ Ư, ɷ°, ߱ κ ٿ̶ ϰ ִ (qi (ch'i)) ظ ̸ Ҵ. ׵ , þƳ ̱ , ʴɷ ˼κ, 翡 ʴɷ Ʈ̴ Ͽ ̷ ϰų, ̻ ̸ پ ٷ. þƿ , ä ڰ ִٵ, ο ׵ ̸ Ȥ հ ʰ ̿ؼ ڸ д ġ ؼ dermo-optical perception ؼ ߵǰ ִٰ ȴ. ϰǵ ڸ ġ ξ ̴.

See related entry on remote viewing.

б ڷ

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Robert Todd Carroll

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