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Robert Todd Carroll

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falun gong (a.k.a. falun dafa) ,

"Falun Dafa cultivates a Falun in the lower abdomen area instead of Dan....Falun Dafa cultivates Zhu Yishi instead of Fu Yishi, He Who practices attains Gong. Namely, your Zhu Yishi or Zhu Yuansheng attains the cultivation energy." --Li Hongzhi*

The doctrines of the Great Law of Falun Dafa can give guidance to anyone in their cultivation including those who have religious beliefs. This is the Principle of the universe, the true Law that has never been revealed. In the past humans were not allowed to know the Principle of the universe (Buddha Law); it transcends all the sciences and moral principles of ordinary human society from ancient times to the present. What has been taught in religions and what people have experienced are only superficialities and phenomena, while its extensive and profound inner meaning can only present itself to and be felt and understood by the cultivators who are at different levels of their true cultivation, and they can really see what the Law is. --Li Hongzhi*

ķ() ȫ() ̴. ߱ ϱ ̴. ķ̶ ǹ̴ ǹ̸ ķĴ ķ ҹ̶ ǹ̴*. ( ķ ڷδ ()Դϴ. ķĴ Դϴ. ׷Ƿ ϸ ҹ ƴ϶ ū ̾ մϴ. ҹ̶ ܾ մϴ. ķ Ī ôε Ϲ ̶ ½ϴ.) ȫ ϸ ķ ΰ ü Ѵ. ڵ ° ɼ  ܰ迡 ̸ Ǹ ( ())  ۿ 󿡼 ü Ҹ ȴ*.

ȫ ο ܰ ö󰡱 ؼ ߴٰ Ѵ. ״ ִ ƴ 1 ڵ ׸ ִٰ ϸ   ķ Ʈ, Ȥ İ ƴ϶ Ѵ. ("Followers defend falun gong as innocuous," by Brian Milner, The Globe and Mail (Canada), July 22, 1999.) ߱ α Ͽ ߱δ 3 ŵ ü ķ ״µ ̴ Ƹ θ α⸦  ߱ 迡 ̶ ߱ ̴. ("China arrests 30,000 members of spiritual group," The Globe and Mail (Canada), July 22, 1999, by Miro Cernetig.)

1990 ȫ ߱ ÿ ִ. ״ װ å θ ˷ȴ. ħ ͳ ִ. α µ ־. ķ κ ߱  Ϳ Ұ ȫ ݰ ϰ ִ. ״ ̶ ""black energy mass"̸ ĥ ִٰ Ѵ. ϴ ķÿ žӽ ̴. ڴ ʿ. ׵ ʸ ٸ ϸ ʴɷ"supernormal capabilities" ĥ ִٰ ϰ ִ. ġ "cultivation the form of light with very tiny particles in great density." Ѵٰ Ѵ. ״ 鿡 ʾҴٰ Ѵ*. ׷ ״ õ ȯڵ ƴ. ״ ȯڵ̳ ȯ ΰ ִ ķ ǰߴٰ ߴ. ״ ׷ ߴ ʾҴ.

ȫ ķ ұ 84,000 ù ϳ Ѵ. ״ ô뿡 ̰ ѹ ̸ ıô ñ⿡ װ ٽ ̿ǵ ߴٰ Ѵ.*

ķ ɷ ()̴. ̰ ڵ ȸѴ. ̰ Ʒ κп ȸѴ. ̰ üȿ ڸ⸸ ϸ  ġ ذ ٽ ذ ʴ´. ̰ ð ȸϴ ̰ ڵ ϸ ̰ Ѽ ü ʿ Ѵ. ÿ ̰ ݽð ȸϰ Ǹ ϸ ü ֺ 輳ȴ. Ÿ Ǹ ̰ ٽ ο δ. ֺ 鿡 ϴ. ķ ð ư ̰ ٽ Ǹ ̰ ȸϹǷ..

falun gong symbol

ķ ȸϹǷ ̰ . ȭ ų 湮 ε帰ٸ ʰ ϰ, ̰ ִ. ġ ķ ٽ ð ȸϸ ü ֺ Ƶδ. *

 ȫ ̷ ȸ Ǿ ̽׸ ̷ ħ ؼ ٰ 鼭 ׸ ִ.

ؼ ķ ִ ź Ǿ Ư ÿ ؼ ȿ ξ ̰ ʿ Ǹ, ǰ, ü һ縦 ȴٴ ٰϰ ִ.* ̰ θ ٷ ̰ ǰ ְ, Ʈ ؼϰ Ҿ ϴ Ͱ ִ δ. ̰ ݰ, ̸ ݹ̴ ׷Ƿ ķ ִ ״ ׵ ġ 鿡 ſ ŷ̴.

߱ ķ ηϴ ϱ ƴ. ̵ 䱸 ֹǷ 鸸 ȭ ̴. ׵ (, truthfulness) (, forbearance)׸ (compassion) Ѵ. ( : ķ ,, մϴ. compassion ̶ ؾ Ƹ ϴ ƴұ մϴ.) ڵ ȸ ִ. ֳϸ ׵ ڰ ƴϸ ׵ ð 忡 ϴ ͺٴ  ϰų, ϸ鼭 ̴. ڵ ڸ ʴ´.

note: 1999 7 ֿ ķ ϴ 1,200 Ѵ ߱ 籹 ؼ ݴߴ. ߱ Ⱥδ ȫ üϷ ǥߴ. װ 743 å ִٴ ̴. Ʈ Ŭ ߱ "ȫ ׵ 谡 ִٴ  ŵ ʾҴ" Ѵ.

õ ׸ : chi and chi kung.

б ڷ

Copyright 1999
Robert Todd Carroll

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