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KFC crew gets burned too

Burger King 'team-builders' get burned BY ELAINE WALKER, Oct 6, 2001

Is it safe? Eli Tyler of El Cajon, California, was one of seven people hospitalized with severe burns to the bottoms of their feet from a fire-walking ceremony at an American Association for Nude Recreation convention in August, 2000.

Fred Gilbert, a professional fire-walker, apparently told a bare naked lie when he said that he was providing  "a safe and spiritual experience where you walk through your past to arrive at your future."

Tyler is suing Gilbert for "using the wrong type of wood, starting the fire walk before ash formed on the wood and failing to have medical personnel present, among other things."*

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firewalking, ȱ

ȱ ߰ſ ź, , ߹ٴ ȴ Ѵ. Ϻ ȭǿ[ ε] ȱⰡ ǽ Ϻη ֵǰ ź ִٰ Ͼ. ̱ ȱ κ̸ ڽŰ ⸣ ൿ̴.

κ(Tony Robbins) 鿡 ׵ ⿡ Ұ δ ϴٴ ϱ ؼ ȱ⸦ θ Ϲȭ״. ȱ η ڽŰ ٲٴ ̴. ׷, κ󽺴 ҿ η غϴ ڿ ʾҴ. ̷ η غϴ Ӱ ϸ, źڳ Ȥ Ư ӿ ڽ ȴ. ұ濡 ԰ ֺ 鿡Դ ߰ſ ź ȴ Ͱ ߿ ̴.

κ󽺰 ȱ⸦ ȭ ,The Firewalking Institute for Research and Education 縮 ĭ(Tolly Burkan) ڽ Ϲ̿ ̷ ó Ұߴٰ Ѵ. ĭ(Burkan) ϸ ȱ "ȵȴٴ , , η" غϴ ̴." Ѵ.

߰ſ ź ȴ ⿣ Ұ δ. ǻ ̰ տ ȭ ʰ ߰ſ 쿡 ִ Ͱ ̴. 쿡 ƹ ߰ſ, ݼ ħ볪 Ȥ Ȥ ݼ ׸ ߰ſ κ ʰ, ٸ ߿ ֱ⸸ ϸ ȭ ʴ´. Ȥ Ǵ 尩̳ е带 , ݼ ħ Ȥ ׸ ٸ ȭ ̴. ֳϸ " 뷮 ſ ſ ̴.".. ݸ鿡.. "츮 ſ ."(Leikind and McCarthy, 188). Ѵ. ׷Ƿ ź ſ ̴ٰ߰ ϴ (1õ õ2鵵) ߹ٴ ̶ װ ź ġ Ÿ Ȱų Ȥ ź ġ 뷮 ʴ ̻ ȭ ʴ´. ȭ̳  뷮 ʴ´.

"ܴ ź ſ ü̴... ſ ü̸ ź ٵ 4質 ü̴. ( : ҿ ź ִٴ Ͻø ˴ϴ.) Դٰ ź Ÿ ܴ źó ſ . (Willey)

 ߰ſ ź ȴٰ ȭ Ա⵵ ϴµ װ ׵ ų ϰų ؼ ƴ϶, ׵ ߹ٴ ſ ų, ׵ ʾҰų, ź ʹ ־ų, ź ſ ߰ſų, Ȥ ź 뷮 ſ ū ̾ ̴. ſ ߰ſ ź 뷮 ϴ ߿ ü( ̳, ) ִٸ ź ȭ ʰ ִ. (ٸ հ ȭ ʰ ִ.) ٽ , ȭ Ѵ.

ȱ η غϰ ȭ ʰ ȱ⸦ ߴٰ ؾ ϴ°? ƴϴ. η ̰ DZ ٸ 鵵 ȴ´ٴ Ǹ ̴. ݴ ׵ ź ⸦ ߴٸ, ׵ ź ȴµ Ⱑ ʿٴ ˰ Ǹ ̴.

κ󽺴 ȴ Ѿ ٸ ߱ߴ. ׷ ٸ ̷ ü ǥ Ѵ. ̵ Ϻδ 󿡼 ȴ 縦 ϱ Ѵ. غϱ ؼ ޷ ߰ϴ ʴ.

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reader comments

"An Investigation of Firewalking," Bernard J. Leikind and William J. McCarthy, in The Hundredth Monkey and Other Paradigms of the Paranormal,ed. Kendrick Frazier (Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1991).

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Robert Todd Carroll

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