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Inset Fuel Stabilizer

( ϼ ʾҽϴ.)

 ٴ ð Ƶ ܰε ͼ ̳ ѼսŰ Ȥ Ʈ ؼ ̳ ġϴ ̻ϰ Ѵ. ٸ , , ü  ? ׵ Ȥ ? ( : ڵ ֹԴϴ.) ̸ ұ ƴϸ öƽ ұ? 󸶳 ̵ ? ׵ ༱ ĶϾ Ⱑ ұ?  ũ ⿡ ־  ̳ BP ߾ Ḧ ϰų ʰ ֱ Ⱓ ϴÿ ? δ ؼ ذ ȴ. ׵ Inset Fuel Stabilizer ̴.

׵ и Inset Fuel Stabilizer(IFS)[no trademark because they were denied one on July 31, 1997] иϴ. ٸ . ٸ Ű ʰ Ⱓ, ֹ ؼ Exxon Ǵ BP ѹ ʰ ִ  ΰ? ٸ  ⸦ Ųٴ ʾ ϴ ְڴ°? ܰ ִ ֹ ȿ ׵ ༱ ϴ  , Ȥ ȭ, Ȥ Ȥ ĶϾ ʴ. ܰε и Inset Fuel Stabilizer ϰ ִ.

ġ Ǿ(Bob Pearson) ڸ " (field) " ĽŰ, ̰ Stabilizer ȿ ǵ Ѵٴ ̴. ׷ Ǵ°? 䵵 𸥴. ׷ ̰ и ȿ ִ. ȿ ִ. ߶Ծ ȸڸ ̷ ŷ ʴ´. Inset Industries ڴ źȭ Ḧ ̷ ִ ڵ Ͽ ѷ ̰ ȴٰ Ѵ. ״ ϰ ٸ ڵ ǰ ϸ ϸ ڵ ij ٰ Ѵ. ״ ̰ ڵ  ϴ ϳ ϳ پ ȴٰ Ѵ. ᰡ Ÿ Ǹ ״ ڰ Ұ ȴٰ Ѵ. , Mr. Nacco ϸ ڵ ٸ ϸ ڵ ʴ´. ״ ϸ ڵ ϸ ڸ ʰ о ؼ ʴ´. ״ ƹ ϸ ڵ ϸ ִ Ḧ ʴ´. ȭаտ ؼ ϴµ, 츮 װ Ḧ 100ۼƮ ҽų ִٴ Ͼ ϴ°? 츮 Ⱑ Ⱑ ٰ ϴ ׸,  ִ°? 츮 ٸ inset , Ƴ 1990 ȥٿ stabilizer ġ 11ϵ ȵǼ źȭ ⷮ 145 ppm 9 ppm , ϻȭ źҴ ŵǾٰ ϴ Ͼ ϴ°(Chicago Tribune, May 3, 1994)? 츮 ִ, ׷ ڷᰡ ǹϴ ΰ? . ֳϸ 츮 װ Ƴ ڵ  ߴ , ˻ߴ Ǵ 迡 Ḧ ߴ 𸣱 ̴.

׷ٸ, Stabilizer ü ? 츮 ִ. ̰ 7ġ η̴. ̰ ġ ĵ Ʈ ó 갡 糡 ޸ Ͱ ſ ϴٰ ִ. װ̴. ׿ ٸ . ̰ η ȿ ְ Ǿ ִ.  η ڵ ĽŰų Ȥ ׵ ϸ ٲ ִٴ ΰ? ƹ 𸥴.  ѹ ĵ ڵ ° Ǵ°? ƹ 𸥴. ڵ ̳ Ȥ ϰ ҿ Ⱑ ִٴ ΰ? ƹ 𸥴. Bob, John, ׸ Ͼ, ׵ ȿ ִٰ ߴ.

Ȧ Inset Fuel Stabilizer װ ִ ϸ ̹ Ź о. ۺ ÿ ϴ ϱ ؼ Stabilizer 1,500$ ְ Ͽ. Mr. Hall ȭа п ʸ ־. θƮ Susan Trudeau ׷ ʾǷ Ȧ ׳࿡ ߴ.  ׳ ڸ Inset Industries Mr. 𸮽 Ұ־. 𸮽 Ȧ ڽŵ  ̷ ȿ ִ شٰ ߴ. ׷, ȭ Ȥ ̾.

Mr. Morris Ȧ Stabilizer Ư㰡 ̸ ׵ ̷ Ư ġ ʱ ̶ ߴ. ̷ ġ Ư ʴ и ʵǴ ̴. £ ϸ 𸮽 Inset ؼ ϱ ٴ " µ ߴ" Ѵ. 𸮽 Inset ϱ ؼ ϰ μ Ͽ ϰ ִٰ ߴ. Ƹ ̰ μ Quadro Tracker μ ̴. Mr. Ȧ Ͱ ȯû ϳ ǰ ̶ Ͽ 𸮽  Ȯ Ϳ ؼ ſ Ǹߴ. Ȧ ٿ ȯû ǰ ؼ ǰ ʾҴ.

Mr.Hall 忡 ؼ ſ ȸ̾ ؾ߸ . inset Ȩ[, ] Ȯغ , Ʃ갡 ڵ Ľų ׷ ֹ ָ · ϰ Ѵٰ ϰ ־. Stabilizer ɿ , ûҿ Ʈ , ִ. ׸ Stabilizer 󸶳 ֹ Ƴ ִ ̺ ִ. ȸ Ź絵 ִ. Stabilizer ̶ ؼ Ÿ ã . ֱٿ Inset Ȩ 湮Ͽ , mileage íƮ ̻ . Inset Ȩ /ֹ . ̷ ȸ Ϲ ڹ ̿Ͱ Ƿ Ƹ δ. ¶ų, ֿ Ⱑ ̴. ֹ ָ ִٴ , ׸ Ⱑ ٴ 뱤 ұϰ Inset ϰ ִ Fuel Stabilizer Ⱑ ⷮ Federal Clean Air Act State emissions standards µ ٿشٴ ̴. κ , ǹ̰ . ֳϸ ׵ ̹ Ǿְų Ȥ ణ ָ ֱ ̴. Inset 1,600 ޷ ǸŰ ȴ. Inset DZ ư ̷ Ⱑ ؼ Inset ġϴ ̴.

Inset 迡 ϴ κ ̸ ؼ ҰѴ íƮ ̴. ȸ ߿ ִ. ׷ ػ罺 ̸ ġü ǽ 340 ڵ ػ罺 ȯ Ű ȿ 19% ߴٴ  ְڴ°? ۽, Ѱ, ǰ ص Ѵ. °, IFS ԰ ˻翡 õ ̸ ڿ , ȮǾ ϴ. ġ ü ׷ ̸ ʾҴ. ̸ Ѵ. "츮 ڵġ Ⱑ 97-98 ־ ̷ Ͽ ̾. ֹοԼ û Ⱑ Ҹȭ 30 ޾Ҵ. ׷ stabilizer ġ 25% پ. 츮 Ȳ Ŀ 10-12伾Ʈ پ. 츮 ̻ Ʈ Ⱑ Ҹ ȭ ʴ´." 츮 Ƹ ذ谡 ִ ü ̴. ֳϸ Ƹ 50 ޷ ְ 340 Ǵ ġ ġü ϵ û ̱ ̴.  ״  Ȥ ̶ Ͻ ʾ, ̷  ̷ ؼ ƹ . 츮 "" ߴٴ ޾Ƶ鿩߸ Ѵ. ̰ ׷ Ű ƴϴ. ׷ٴ ִٴ ̴. 츮 װ  ̷ ġ . 츮 ſ ҿ ֹ Ҹ پ stabilizer ƴϸ Ȳ Ḧ ߱ ƴϸ ٸ . Inset ϴ ŵ ̿Ͱ ڼ мϸ ġ Ǿ ó . ϸ ̰ ȭ ʾ ̸ 𸣴 ü ̸ 𸣴 ̴.

, IFS ؼ ϴ ֿ ؼ Ѱ. Trackside NASCAR Dean Gullick IFS ġ ٰ ٰ ߴ.׷ IFS â ƹ ̰ . ߸̶ ϴ , ̶ ǹϴ ƴ϶ "the torque curve" ȭ ̶ Inset John Nacco ߴ. ¶ų, NASCAR İڵ IFS ص ƹ Ƿ ϰ Ͽ. ׵ ̰ " ߻ ġ" Ѵ. ̰Ϳ Ŵ ִ°? 귣ġ Hwy. 2002 'Alan and Son Car Care Center' ٹϴ ڳʰ ˻Ͽ. ź 110 Ե ڵ Ḧ ȸ Ű鼭 Ⱑ Ǵ Ҵ.

 Ⱑ :

     CO = .04%
     HC = 62 ppm (parts per million)
     C02 = .0%

, ٸ ֿ ڵ ֹ ̿Ͽ ̷ ġ ʰ 񱳰 . ׸ 츮 ˻ 󸶳 Ȯ . Inset "̷ ֿ Ϲ źȭġ 1000 ppm Ǹ ϻȭźҴ 6.0% ̸ٰ Ѵ. ֿ ڵ ذ ٿִ ġ IFS Ͽ ū ȿ ع ִ. 'źȭ 220 ppm ϻȭź 1.2% ̳'̴. ڷᰡ Ȯϴٸ Inset ̰͸ ϰڴ°? Inset ϴ ġ ϸ New Jersey ؾȿ ٴ ̴. ׵ ̰ ϱ ؼ ٸ ʵ ؾ ̶ ̴.

繰 ɷ¿ ϴ ϴ. Ư ذ谡 ִ ϴ , Ǿִٰ ص ո ʴ. ڵ Ȥ 븸 ϴ ϴ ´. ְų ߸ ϴ ɰ ߻ ִ. , ִ ϴ ո̴. ־ ڷῡ ִ ٸ ִ. Ⱑ ϴ 쿡 Ѵ.

1. 迡 ϴ ˻Ǿ Ѵ. ƹ͵ ġ ڵ ֹ, ũ, ȭ ִ° ˾ƺ ؼ ˻Ǿ Ѵ. µ ̷ 迡 ʼ̴. ֳϸ µ ڵ ȿ ġ ̴. Ư ϳ ߿ ħ ϰ ̰ Ⱓ̳ ׷ ϴ 쿡 Ư ؾ Ѵ.

2. ȭ Ǿ, ڵ ϻ ˿ ؼ Ǿ Ѵ.

    a) batch Ḧ ؾ߸ ̴ ῡ ƴ϶ Ȯ ִ.

    b) ϰ ϴ ġ  ȭ ־ ȴ. ȭ ÷, ȭ , л ý û, ȭ Ÿ̹ ȭ ־ ȴ. ڵ ϴ ׻ ϰ Ǿ Ѵ.

    c) ڵ ׻ Ͽ ˻ Ǿ Ѵ. ׷Ƿ ù ° ˻縦 ǽ ˻縦 ǽϴ , batch Ḧ ɼ . 쿡 ڵ ؼ ˻ϰ ϴ ġ ¿ ˻ ó ׽Ʈ ǽϿ Ѵ. ȭ ̸ ˷ ־ Ѵ. ̳ ˻縦 ̾ϴ Ư  .  ܿﰣ µ̰ ſ ްϰ ȭѴ. ڵ ߿ ڰ ؼ ƹ͵ ϰ ϴ ſ ִ. ġü ϴ 쿡 谣  Ǿ ȴ. ȯ̳ ̼ Ǿ ȵȴ.

Inset 캸 ׵ ִ ߿ ִ . ׵ ġ ؼ ѹ ִ Ǿ ͼ ޾Ƶ ʾҴ. ̰ ذ , ׷ٸ 츮 Inset ؼ Ͽ ƹ ȿ ٴ ߰ New Jersey Institute of Technology Inset Ͼ߸ ϴ°?

ǿ Robert Littell Stabilizer ϰ ȿ پٰ 䱸 ؼ Stevens Institute Ͽ New Jersey Institute of Technology Stabilizer ؼ ǽߴ. ׵ ġ ָ Ÿ Ⱑ ؼ ƹ ̸ Ÿ ʴ´ٴ ־. Fleet Executive trade journal 1995 12 Ǹ Ǿ. NJIT Professor and Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies Dr. Robert Pfeffer; NJIT Professor Dr. John Droughton; Stevens Institute of Technology Professor and Director of the Center of Environmental Engineering Dr. George Korfiatis; and NJIT Professor of Engineering and Science Dr. Richard S. Magee ־. ǿ Littell ؼ Ȥ ޾Ƶ ʾҴ. Inset ׵ NJIT ؼ Ҽ ߴ. A large scale test of the Inset and four other air pollution control products was conducted by researchers at the Armament Systems Process Division of the U.S. Army's laboratories at Picatinny Arsenal for the New Jersey Department of Transportation, but the report was not released because of major problems with the testing equipment. There has been an ongoing controversy in New Jersey regarding the reliability of the equipment they use to test emissions. In August 1996, the state of New Jersey charged Inset with violating the Consumer Fraud Act and state securities laws. But Inset continues to flourish on the Internet.

I asked a friend of mine who used to own an auto repair shop if he had ever heard of the Stabilizer. He said that he had but it was called the Vitalizer when he was in business. He thinks it might be the same thing being marketed under another name. He even suggested the unthinkable: there might be fraud involved here! I couldn't believe my ears. Fraud on the internet! What a concept! Anyway, I asked him: why, if this were fraud, would anyone be so blatant about it? Weren't they afraid of being caught and severely punished by the very law enforcement agencies who were giving testimonials for them? Not very likely, he said. By the time law enforcement catches up with these kinds of frauds, says my friend, they have moved on, changed their name, and are doing business as usual somewhere else with the same product but a new name. It happens all the time in the fuel and oil additive industry, he said. So, it wouldn't surprise him if it happened in the steel tube/fuel efficiency industry, too.

۽, ޾Ҵ. ʹ ι̶ ̶ ſ ް ִ. ׵ ϰ DZ ؼ Ƿ ϰߴ. ׷ Inset Stabilizer ̾߱ ߿ ãƳ ߴ. ׸ ܰ ȿ ãҴٰ ߴ. So I looked for the silver lining in the Inset Stabilizer story and thought I had found it in the alien fuel efficiency angle. Now, I have to rethink my hypothesis. But wait. Maybe I can still find something positive here. I can say that if there are aliens hovering around earth looking for some good beef to mutilate or some tasty humans to experiment on, then they are probably using the Inset Fuel Stabilizer. And maybe Bob Pearson doesn't have to worry about a patent because he has one on his home planet.

I don't know if they have an environmental protection agency on Bob's planet, but here on earth the EPA did tests on the Inset Fuel Stabilizer and found that it neither reduces vehicle emissions nor increase fuel mileage. What a shock!

Postscript:  For those of you who balk at the $1,600 price tag on the Inset Fuel Stabilizer, don't fret. For a mere $239.95, plus tax and shipping and handling, you can get the  Mileage Wizard . This device, we are told on the authority of those who are selling it, is a gadget which utilizes "cutting edge technology." According to its promoters, "the gasoline is introduced into the thermal magnetic vaporization chamber creating an almost vapor state prior to entering the fuel injectors, creating greater fuel efficiency."  If you do not trust their data on fuel efficiency you can call the "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse at 1-800-363-3732." This offer is exclusively made directly to the public rather than to car manufacturers because, we are told, those big bad greedy corporate types would put owning this device "out of the reach of the average person." It is much better to allow greedy average people rip off each other in an MLM scheme,  where the opportunity to make over $80,000 a month is made available to each and every one of us by the kind founders of the Mileage Wizard . Or so they say.

Hiclone promises fuel savings of up to 20%, power increase of up to 15%, and hydro carbon emission reductions of up to 30% with prices from $160-$215 (Australian). They'll even sell you something called Fuelmax which "is a magnetic frequency resonator which clips onto the fuel line and 'fractures' the passing fuel, allowing it to mix with oxygen more readily and thus burn more efficiently." This should keep you laughing for up to ten minutes.


õ ׸ : multi-level marketing and  Slick 50.

б ڷ

reader comments

The Office of Mobile Sources is the national center for research and policy on air pollution from highway and off-highway motor vehicles and equipment. Of all their advice on how to reduce auto emissions, using the Inset Fuel Stabilizer is not one of them. You can write to them at the EPA National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, 2565 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Their phone number is (734) 214-4925 (Eastern Time Zone).Federal Trade Commission on Gas-Saving Products

Copyright 1998
Robert Todd Carroll

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