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logical positivism (a.k.a. logical empiricism)

Ƕ ̻ ϴ ʴ ͹ Ӽ ʴ´ٴ ϴ ö µ̴. ڵ "ɼ " ϸ ּ ζ 迡 ؼ  Ǿ ̰ų Ǹ ǰų, Ȥ   ־߸ ǹ̰ ִٴ ̴. ̻ . ׷Ƿ ̻ ǹ̰ ٴ ̴.

ڵ ɼ ü Ƿ ǹ̰ ٰ Ѵ.

õ ׸ : naturalism and scientism.

б ڷ

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