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psychology ɸ

ɸ̶ ɸ ൿ ̴.

...commonplace conclusions are almost always a characteristic of social research pretending to be science.    --Neil Postman

One waits in vain for psychologists to state the limit of their knowledge.  --Noam Chomsky

ɸ Ʈ Ư¡ ׷ ִ. ɸڵ 󱼷 ȣ ̰ Ŀ ũ ⿩ߴٴ ǽ ʰ Ѵ. " ų ̱ 3 Ͼ ڻ ׻ ߿ Դϴ." Ȥ " ΰ ߿ , Ʈ ſ ( , ȥ Ȥ ٸ ) ʾ ǰ 鿡 1 ŵϴ." 2 ֿ "Ʈ ð Ǽҵ尡 Ÿ ð 60% ù Ʈ ǰ ϰ õǾ ȯڵ 1/4 Ͼ ̳ Ÿ κ 4 ȿ ̷ Ÿϴ.(National Institute of Mental Health, cited in "Everyday life may cause depression," by Trisha Gura, Chicago Tribune, printed in the Sacramento Bee, July 31, 1994, p. A8) 鿡 ־ ϴ ϰų ȥ ϰ Ǹ ɸٴ ο ǵ ƴϴ. ̰ ̸ ̰ ϱ ؼ ʿ ʴ.

ɸڵ鿡 ٸ ɸڵ Ʒ ް ʿ 迡 ؼ ϰ ִٰ Ѵ. ɸڵ鿡 ٸ о߿ Ͱ ϴ. ɸ ڴ ׵ ؾ ϸ ϸ p=0.05 Ͱ , öú ȿ ǥ,  ؾ Ѵٴ ˸ ణ Ȳϱ⵵ Ѵ. ɸп ð ߸ü иϴ. ׵ ̽ 귯 ڻ糪 罺 ڻ, Shere Hite /ȸ Ȥ ũ ȸϴ ʽɸڵ "" ɸڵ Ѵ. Ȥ ׵ ̵峪 öڵ ɸ ϱ⵵ Ѵ. ׵ öڳ â ۰ ó ϱ ٶٴ ߰ϸ Űǻ簡 ǰ ϴ 鿡Դ ſ Ǹ ִ.

Ϲݴ ɸп ɻ簡 ɷ ۵鿡 ؼ ǰ ִٴ ٴ , л麸ٴ ɸڵ ̴. , ܰ ġ ġ, ϰ ʽɸ, facilitated communication , ġ б д , ͸ ڱ  Ǿ ִ.

߸ü ϰ ϴ ɸڵ鿡Դ ʴ ϱ? žӽ ؼ Ÿ̰ ϴٴ ٰŰ ٴ θ ˷ ִ°? [R. F. Paloutzian's ɸп ʴ Invitation to the Psychology of Religion (Scott Foresman; 1983) Ȥ " ž Faith Without Works," in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, (1975)]. ˸ ڱ ʴ´ٴ ̳ Ư û ϴٴ ˸ ߸ü ִ°? ̵ ̳ ̶ ܳ , ̸ ݹϴ Ǹ ɸڵ ⳪ ߴ°?

й ɸڵ κ ʴɷ (psi) Ѵٰ κ ʽɸ ġ ִٰ ʴ´ٴ ߰ , ɸ ؼ η ⸦ ٷ ſ ̴. ͱ׳ʿ 1979 ̱ 1,100 б ɸڵ 34% ESP Ȯ ̳ Ȥ ϰ ־. ̰ ٸ о߿ . ڿ ڵ 55%, ȸ (ɸڸ ) 66%, ׸ , ι, ڵ 77% ϰ ־. Ǹ ɸڵ߿ ʴɷ Ұϴٰ 34% ʾҴ. ٸ 亯 ߿ 2% ̰ ġ ʴ´ٰ ߴ. ("Attitudes of College Professors toward Extra-sensory perception," Zetetic Scholar, 5, 7-17).

õ ׸ : codependency, facilitated communication, hypnosis, memory, multiple personality disorder, New Age Therapies, repressed memory,   repressed memory therapy, substance abuse treatment, and the penile pleythysmograph.

б ڷ

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Robert Todd Carroll

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