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retrospective falsification, ұ޹

ұ (retrospective falsification, : ұ ̶ ص ϴ.) ̶ , Ŭ(D.H. Rawcliffe)  ̾߱⸦ Ǹ ٸ ̾߱⸦ , ڽ ϴ κп ؼ ο ǥ ο · ϰ ǰ ڱⰡ ʴ κ Ȳ ǥϴ ̴. ̷ ̳ Ͼ ְ ̾߱ Ѻκ ǰ Ȯϰ ȴ.

ɸп, ȯڰ ӿ ڽſ ʿ κи , װ ڽ ʿ信 ¸ ٲٴ ǥϴµ δ.

õ ׸ : Roswell and psychic detectives.

б ڷ

Cameron, Norman and Joseph F. Rychlak. Personality Development and Psychopathology: A Dynamic Approach, 2nd edition  (Houghton Mifflin College,1985)

Rawcliffe, Donovan Hilton, Illusions and Delusions of the Supernatural and the Occult; the Psychology of the Occult (New York: Dover Publications, 1959).

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