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satanic ritual abuse (SRA)

( : satanic ritual abuse ܾ ϰ SRA Īմϴ.)

Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) Ǹڵ鿡 ؼ ٴ ̿ ̴.

1970 ߹ݺ ǰ 뿡 ģ Ǹ Ʈ ϸ ̵ ̵鿡 ϰ, ̳ ε ġ ʴ´ٴ ž ſ а ־. 1980뿡 SRA Ȳ ־µ װ "Michelle Remembers"(1980) Ҽ ˹ߵ ̴. å ȭ ⰣǾ, Ŀ  ּ 3 ؼ . Ϲ̿ SRA ִٴ Ŵ . ׷ ұϰ ̷ TV ũ ´.

1990 ʿ 4Ⱓ ģ SRA ٴ . UC Davis ɸб Gail S. Goodman Phillip R. Shaver UC Davis Jianjian Qin University of Illinois at Chicago Bette I. Bottoms Բ ̴. ̵ National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect ޾Ҵ. 12,000 ̻ ڵ 11,000 ̻ ɸ, ȸ񽺿, ߴ. Ѱ SRA ŵ ߰ .

FBI Academy Supervisory Special Agent Kenneth V. Lanning 1992 ߰Ǿµ ̾. SRA Ŵ Ѱǵ ٴ ̴. Lanning SRA 1981 ؿԴ.

ٰŵ õ Ѵ´ٸ ü ̷ 𿡼 ΰ? κ ̵鿡Լ ߴٰ Ѵ. ̵ ־ ð ̵ ٸ ̸ ԰ų, Ȥ ȿ ϴ ƴٴ ⸰ Ѵٴ ̾߱⸦ ٸ系 ٰ κ ϰ Ƿ ̷ ̾߱ ˻, ġ, ׸ θ鿡 ׸ ״ ޾Ƶ鿩. ׷, ڵ SRA ׵ ̾߱⸦ ̵ ٸ系ٰ ٴ ߰ߴ. ׷ٸ ̾߱ ΰ? װ Ƹ ġ, ȣ, ׸ θ鿡Լ ̴. ġ ̵ ̻ д ߴٰ ޾Ƶ̵ ̵ ڰŸ   ִٴ ŵ ִ. ׵ ׵ ϴ ƴ 쿡 ޾Ƶ Ƿ ϴ ̵ ⸦ Ұ ϰ ɹϴ ϴ ̵ ŹѴ.

Goodman 1-800- 394-3366, National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect ȭؼ ִ. $28 ̴.

õ ׸ : New Age psychotherapies and repressed memory therapy.

б ڷ

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The Search for Satan, Frontline, originally aired 10-24-95, produced by Ofra Bikel and Rachel Dretzin ("untangles the mysterious web of satanic ritual abuse, psychiatric treatment, and insurance claims that escalated into millions of dollars. Were these professed victims of secret satanic cults really helped by the psychiatric care they received?" Frontline answers, No.)

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Robert Todd Carroll

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