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ũ() ̴. scry, Ǵ descry, ϴ , Ǵ ã ٴ ǹ̴. ĮƮ 忡, scry ܾ ̳ ſ̳ ( ݻϴ ̶ ƹ̳ ȴ.) ¦ʰ 鿩ٺ, ų ̷ Ų. ( , ũ īƮθ catoptromancy, Ǵ ũŻθcrystallomancy θ.) Ʈ ڴ, ؼ ڼ 鿩ٺ ڸ ҷ ִٰ ϰ ִ. ֳϸ, ũ ǽ ְ ٸ ֱ ̶ Ѵ.

Ʒ ٵ, ʴɷ ȴٰ Ѵ. ׷ ƴ , ̷ ʰ, ũ׿ ؼ, ̷ ʾҴ.

See related entry on Raymond Moody.

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de Givry, Grillot. Witchcraft, Magic & Alchemy (New York: Dover Books, 1971), republication of the 1931 Houghton Mifflin Company edition, Book II, chapter viii, "the Divinatory Arts".

Randi, James. An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural (N.Y.: St. Martin's Press, 1995).

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