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soul or spirit, , ȥ

Soul Ȥ Spirit( : Ѵ Ȥ ȥ ȴ.) νĴɷ ְ, ڱ⸦ νϰ, ִ ü̴. ȥ Ҹ Ͼ.

ΰ ų 簡 ߸ƴٰ Ѵٸ, װ ٷ ȥ̴. 丶 ȩ ߴ ó, -ü ü̶ ̴. 簡 ִٰų Ѵٰ ϴ Ұϴ. ȥ 縦 ϴ , ȥ ΰ ¸ ̳ Ȱ ̹ ľϰ ִ. ȥ νİϴٴ ϴ ̴. ׷, ʾ , ְ, ұϰ ̳ ĵ ִ - ü Ѵٰ ϰ ִ.

öڳ ɸڴ,  ε üȿ ϸ ü ȣۿ ϴ - 縦 Ͽ , ǽ ۿ ϴ ʾҴ. , ΰ ǽĿ Ȯ븦 ϰ, ̽ ⸸ ߴ. ǽ ã ϴ ̳, ȯ ľϴ ̾ ̷ ӵǴ ̴. - ġῡ - ʿϴٰ ϰ, ϰ ΰ Ŵ , ̰ ִ. , ɸ̴. 3° öе ȥ̶ θ ߴ. ſ Ǹ öڴ ȥ Ѵٴ Ͽ å . ׸ , å ϰ, ԰ ư. ȸǷڿ believer θ ʿ Ѵ.

õ ׸ : astral projection, dualism, materialism, and mind.

б ڷ

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Robert Todd Carroll

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