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spiritualism (a.k.a. spiritism), ɷ (spiritismε ˷)

ΰ ΰ(human personality) ü Ŀ Ƴ, ΰ Ͽ ִٰ ϴ ų̴. ɷ  1848⿡ ȸ, ڸſ Ͽ ۵ƴ. ڸŴ ̺ ε帮 Ҹ ȥ Ѵٰ ߴ. (̷ εθ Ҹ δ ߰ ̿ؼ Ҹ. ) ڸŰ 30 Ŀ ٰ̾ , Ű ȸ , Ҹ ų, ƹ͵ ̰ų, ϰų, ̺ ų, ü ϴ μ ̰ ־. Ŵ õ û, telekinesis ڷĽ ̸ , ʴɷ Ͽ . ɷ , ˷ 1920 پ ʾ, ĵ ̳ ̶ ϼ ִ ŵ Ӽ ϸ鼭 پ Ǿ.

渮 ȭ ȸ Ȯ ̴. , ̺ ѷɾ, ο 濡 , Ŵ ư濡 ó 䳻. ׸ ȥ ˰ԵǾٴ Ѵ. δ ̺ ų, ⹦ Ҹ ų, ⵵ Ѵ. 鿡 ־ ɷǴ, ̽ Ե , 迡 " "̴.

õ ׸ : channeling and James Van Praagh.

б ڷ

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